How to choose?

- Make a list of schools with EASA frozen ATPL course

     (Don't waste your time on schools without published pricelist)

- Contact every school on your list, check the first ipression:

     • It's positive if they call you by phone after the first contact
     • Check if they speak good English or your own language
     • You should always get straight and clear answers
        (Instead of proper answers they often just look for your money)

- Ask the following 5 questions from each school:

1. When is the classroom training exactly?

Avoid the schools If they don’t have an exact answer (from-to date).

ATPL is not approved without pre-scheduled classroom training program.

Regular training or intense (brush up) course is mandatory with minimum 65 hours!

2. Where is the classroom training exactly?

The location is very important - Try to find a good one near to you!

If you have to travel far it can increase your costs rapidly especially if the accommodation is expensive around.

The best ATPL schools provide quality environment (university classroom, modern conference room, etc. )

3. How is the distance learning built up?

Avoid the school If they only provide question bank with few explanations. (eg: aviation exam only)
CAA approved Module Based E-learning system is mandatory!

4. Do you prepare sudents for airline job interview?

Nowadays quality schools are focusing on the airline interview questions beside the ATPL requirements.
It’s very useful to try yourself in a job assessment training before you face the real one.

5. Do you provide any assistance for my airline career?

Probably this one is the most important!
Choose a school with airline career program. It means that you will get job opportunities once you have completed all your training.

Here is a list of the best ATPL schools based on student feedbacks.

Good luck and Fly Safe!

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Highest standards

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Best for career

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